NewsSocial: A digital platform for democracy and participation

With the NewsSocial platform the Project Committee sub-groups can exchange information, strategy, development, and planning in any way that suits them. We use the NewsSocial platform as a tool for the support of on-going debate and decision-making, internally and with the broader community. All members have access to the platform.

The NewsSocial mission

NewsSocial seeks to empower members of social and business networks, changemakers, to arrive collectively and rapidly at solutions to developmental challenges and exploit opportunity to share creative ideas that can lead to mutual socio-economic benefit. 

Background and mission

NewsSocial was established in London, November 2014, with a view of giving communities and independent publishers a platform for the open exchange of news, ideas, and opinions.

Since 2017 it has been developing its software platform specifically to meet the needs of non-profit Mushtarek C.I.C, whose mission is to ‘leverage methods and technologies to accelerate socio-economic change in Iraq’.

This short video touches on its mission for Iraq.

The co-operative future of NewsSocial in Preston

NewsSocial ltd is being reconstructed into a cooperative, forming part of the Preston cooperative ecosystem as part of an MOU signed with UCLan and Preston City Council in 2019.  We believe the NewsSocial platform can be useful for the Preston entrepreneurial cooperative ecosystem ideation project with resources dedicated to ensuring it meets the project’s needs.