Preston Co-operative Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Design

This is the page of the Project Committee for the design of the Preston Co-operative Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. The Project Committee works to redesign the socio-economic fabric of Preston, known as the Preston Model.


Since 2012/13, Preston has been developing a system of democratic participation, local wealth creation/retention and co-operative Development, known as the Preston Model.

The Preston Model grows from strength to strength, and its ever increasing complexity requires close attention to strategic planning and action.

The Project Committee for the Preston Model is committed to strengthening what we have and moving towards the imaginative creation of what remains to be done. A network of co-operatives, a Co-operative Education Centre and a Bank are some of the projects in the pipeline.

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  • Describes the successful ecosystem design in the Basque Country
  • Demonstrates the links between business development, education and training
  • Discusses the The value of partnerships
  • Contains lessons for the Preston Model and elsewhere

Download report

  • Contans steps for developing a co-operative entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Contains the ‘four challenges’ and strategies for Preston
“The Preston Model has been heralded as a socialist triumph, the poster child of Corbynomics and “inspiringly innovative” – and now its success is set to inspire other cities around the world.”
Insider Media
North West Business Insider
“Keeping wealth in local circulation, the model incentivises positive forms of local entrepreneurship and a local economy responsive to local needs, at the same time as making more direct the relationship between people’s work and the good effects it can have on their lived environment.”
Aditya Chakrabortty
The Guardian
“Rather than a narrow commitment to the state, this model encourages a plurality of forms: co-operatives, mutuals and trusts, as well as government ownership.”
George Eaton
The New Statesman
“For those desperate to preserve a spark of hope in a political system that feels so hopeless, let me suggest this: watch Preston.”
James A. Smith
The Independent

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