Preston co-operative entrepreneurial ecosystem design

The design of a co-operative entrepreneurial ecosystem for Preston is a strategy that runs in parallel with the community wealth building project for Preston, known as the Preston Model.

The Preston Model has been in development since 2012.

The 4-year strategy and action plans are rooted in the belief that an ecosystem for social and economic development in Preston works better than individual and competing success stories.

Using the reports that were prepared by LKS Mondragon, the strategic plans have a four challenge approach:

1) the development of inter-cooperation among people, communities and businesses in Preston;

2) the fostering of the idea of shared leadership in social and economic development;

3) attention to social value in business development; and

4) the promotion of co-operative awareness and culture.

The Project Committee

The Project Committee is a group of stakeholders who are committed to a four year action strategy to promote the further development of the Preston Model.